Scope Unlimited is Venturing Into Social Media Services

During the development of our Campus 4.0 software, two issues presented themselves to us over and over again. We kept seeing a lack of:

  1. Affordable social media services for small businesses
  2. Hands-on learning for college students

This led us to create an innovative program that connects college talent with small businesses that need social media marketing. Our process is simple:

  • You tell us some basic information about your business, current social media use, and your goals
  • We communicate that to our gifted college partners
  • They craft and carry out an effective social media strategy

Scope Unlimited will take your social media to the next level at a fraction of the price of big marketing firms. To embark with us on our journey to a full launch, sign up for our newsletter below. In the meantime, you’ll be able to download a copy of our article “5 Social Media Tips Every Small Business Should Know.”