Career Accelerator

AVaiL is the first Higher Ed career accelerator of its kind. We use a unique strategic rehearsal method in a virtual world that accelerates complex decisionmaking and empowers you to be a responsive decision-maker. Colleges and universities are at a unique turning point that will require leaders to perform at optimal levels across a wide range of skill sets. The next generation of leaders will be expected to design innovative, inclusive, and sustainable models for student success while incorporating sound business strategies and top-notch approaches. As new opportunities emerge, you want to be prepared to lead with confidence.

AVaiL is designed by some of the country’s most sought-after higher education professionals and anchored in 20 years of instructional design theory. We built an exceptional professional development experience to meet the needs of exceptional professionals.

Who Is It For?

The ConnectorYour network is your superpower. Everyone knows you. You have been able to leverage that charisma to advance key campus initiatives.

The Energizer: Organized, efficient, and ready to go. Senior Administrators know they can count on you to manage a project from start to finish without a hitch.

The Daydreamer: “Think Big. If that does not work, think bigger.” You have lived by this motto, and it has gotten you far.

The Extinguisher: You are the resident firefighter. Regardless of the problem, you have developed a knack for finding efficient and effective solutions. Resource constraints-not an issue. Tight timeline-you know how to make things move. Olivia Pope ain’t got nothing on you

What You will Get

We are offering a radically different approach to leadership development that combines case study, seminar, and strategy in a virtual world to create a unique professional learning experience that prepares you to think about what is next. You will be a more thoughtful contributor to any team. AVaiL is designed to help you level-up and stand out.

Change Management: Institutional transformation is a tough job, but someone must do it.

Squad Goals: Strong teams do not happen by accident.

Build It & Sustain It: Maintaining momentum…

Structure: Accelerator participants will be assigned to cross-functional teams on a virtual campus to play through a series of challenges

Day 1 – Wednesday,

July 21

(Eastern Standard Time)

1:001:30  | Arrival, log-in/set-up questions

1:30 2:30 | Opening session

  • Overview
  • Virtual Icebreaker

Open session

2:30 –4:00 | First round Play through scenes 1-4

7:00 pm | Leaderboard posted.

Day 2 – Thursday

July 22 

(Eastern Standard Time)

Open session

1:00 –2:00 | Second round – Replay to maximize performance.

2:00 –4:00 | Facilitated debrief

  • Reflections and insights
  • Strategies in context

4:00 pm | Adjourn –Invitation to become part of peer-expert network

$550 per person

Space is limited to 12 participants.


Dr. Michael Schoop

Dr. Michael Schoop


Dr. Michael Schoop is CEO and has over 20 years of executive leadership in higher education as a dean, vice president, and campus president. Michael loves to write, teach, and he believes leadership comes from all levels. He is passionate about learning in the context of work-sharing models through stories – to lead to better performance.

Gina Cuffari

Gina Cuffari


Gina Cuffari is COO and proven industry leader with more than 20 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience driving operational effectiveness and excellence in education ventures. Gina is passionate about lifelong learning and wants to help shape the future of education by working on new leadership tools to address tomorrow’s complex challenges.