Our mission is to discover and develop leadership for the next generation

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Rising Leaders

Accelerate Your Career

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Are you a higher education professional who envisions leading a campus someday? We are looking for thoughtful and adventurous leaders to test our unique leadership platform that uses interactive digital case studies to guide decision-making. If you would like to be an early adopter and participate in our pre-release pilot, we would love to talk!

Email us at leadingedge@scopeunlimitedcleveland.com

Professional Associations

Transform Higher Education

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Our goal is to offer solutions that transform higher education. We collaborate with Professional Associations to deliver content, conference support, and partnership on our platform to support colleges and universities.

Institutional Leaders

Align Your Talent

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Whether you are looking to discover new talent or bring seasoned leaders together as a team, experience is the best teacher. Campus 4.0 creates the experience of solving problems together outside of the day-to-day distractions but inside the real flow of work. Campus 4.0 accelerates insights into individual decision-making and helps identify potential team blind spots.

Customized Experiences

Solutions for Unique Situations

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We are living in a rapidly changing environment. Each college has unique challenges. What if you could test your strategy for an entire year without the time or expense? Use Campus 4.0 with your data, your conditions, and your institutional goals to see possible futures without the time lag of real life. Real-time feedback on team behavior and real insights into strategies that drive student and college success.