About Campus 4.0

Campus 4.0

Campus 4.0 is the first higher education simulation of its kind. Using advanced AI-based technology, Campus 4.0 puts you in the room at the moment of decision. You can play through scenarios based on the actual experiences of college leaders from a campus like yours. Make decisions that change the trajectory of your virtual school and see how the results change as you replay the simulations. For every decision, you get instant feedback, a red, yellow, or green indicator, allowing you to navigate school politics, make decisions, and see results—enrollment, graduation rates, financial reports, and external ratings—in minutes not months.

Our Awesome Team

Dr. Michael Schoop

Dr. Michael Schoop


Dr. Michael Schoop is our CEO. He has over 20 years of executive leadership in higher education as a dean, vice president, and campus president. Michael loves to write, teach, and he believes leadership comes from all levels. He is passionate about learning in the context of work-sharing models through stories – to lead to better performance.

Gina Cuffari
Gina Cuffari


Gina Cuffari is our COO. She is a proven industry leader with more than 20 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience driving operational effectiveness and excellence in education ventures. Gina is passionate about lifelong learning and wants to help shape the future of education by working on new leadership tools to address tomorrow’s complex challenges.

Dr. Lia Dibello

Dr. Lia Dibello

Chief Scientist

Dr. Lia Dibello is our Chief Scientist. She is a global leader in developing decision-making skill and judgment. Her published research on more than 7,000 people has shown her method of “strategic rehearsal” accelerates learning and improves organizational outcomes. Lia wants to make the proven platform available to as many people as possible.

Who We Are

Michael and Gina were once “enemies” from different worlds – nonprofit and for-profit higher education – competing for the same students. Sharing a commitment to student success, they found common ground and eventually a partnership. Believing we are in a critical time (technology disruption, COVID-19 pandemic, overnight shift to virtual learning, budget challenges) they teamed up with Lia whose game-changing work on accelerated learning and leadership allowed Campus 4.0 to come to life in a virtual world. 

We believe turning the page for colleges and universities in the U.S. means not just focusing on the work we dowhich is and always should be driven by the interests, ingenuity, and hard work of individualsbut also on how we do the workfinding richer and more effective ways to use the experiences and stories generated from leaders at all levels.